Sprint’s Resurge!!!!!

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Sprint has almost come back from its Friday free fall.  Last Friday on Jan 18, 2008, Sprint’s massive layoff report caused the stock to take a 24.81% hit.  Since then, the stock has seen five of its last six days in the green.  With this, Sprint is now almost at 11 points (10.8 to be exact), which is one point away from its usual fluctuation price!  Sprint’s resurge has been a quiet but effective one as it has slowly crept back into its usual form, although the last two days, Sprint has seen consecutive gains of over 6%.  It looks as if the communication company is back on its feet and ready to roll for now thanks to the uplifting stock market.


It’s about time!

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For the first time in the 2008 year, the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P finished out the week higher than they did beginning the week.  The Dow led the big three starting it’s fourth week of the year at 11971 and ending at 12207.  Thanks to the wonderful Wednesday including a .75 fed cut, most stocks were able to bounce back from first quarter woes.  Unfortunately tech stocks are still taking major damages, Google (GOOG) of which is leading the pack.  Beginning the year at 680 and falling to 566, Google is in a major and unexplainable crisis.  I wouldn’t touch this stock with a ten foot pole right now.  Not until they show some type of positive long term gains.  Major companies like Bear Stearns (BSC) and McDonalds (MCD) are making giant strives for their stockholders right now.  After a a dismal start and unknown future, Bear Stearns has turned their company around for the time being, shooting up from a January 8th 71 to a January 25th 87.  McDonalds meanwhile ended the week with four straight positive gaining days, flashing signs of a more stable company for the time being.

And then there was light!

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WOW! To say the least, the Dow Jones took a very different turn today than what has been considered normal over the past few weeks. The Dow Jones went up! Not just up, but wayyyyyyyyyyyy up! The Dow gained over 250 points today in a move that can only be labeled as a success. Alot of sectors saw there stocks rise, especially the financial sector (again). Surprisingly, the Tech sector saw there profits drop however. With this big boost to the Dow Jones the day after a .75 fed cut, talks about recession have dwindled a bit. At least for the next 24 hours, investors can go home and sleep well knowing that a change may be around the corner.

Nike’s new competition

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Li Ning

Ever heard of Li Ning?  Well if you haven’t you might want to put this brand on your “watch out” list.  Li Ning is the third largest manufacturer of sneakers in China behind the Nike and Adidas beasts and has its sights set on going abroad.  Now the China based company is trying to push its stakes into America.  Signing its first NBA player, Cleveland Cavs player (no not Lebron but) Damon Jones, Li Ning hopes to be a contender in the American market as it has been in the Chinese market.  The company Li Ning is named after its founder, an Olympic gold medalist winner from China.  To compete with both Nike and Adidas, Li Ning has went about hiring former designers from Nike, and opened up shop in Portland.  It’s sign is similar to the Nike check or Swosh.

Ben Stein on Recession

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 Ben Stein

To say that I am a Ben Stein supporter would be a lie.  When watching Mr. Stein debate with other experts in his field about interest rate cuts and economic growth, I found his arguments arrogant and lacking sufficient substance.  Yet, his views on recession are, I feel, extremely correct.  Recession fears are ridiculous and simply not factually.  The overreacting of the market is absurd.  It is as if traders have become children and are shooting out “The bogeyman is coming!”  I agree with Stein that we will not know if we are indeed in a recession until further down the road.  Perhaps a little sooner than June or July as he predicted, but nonetheless, we will not wake up tomorrow 100% certain that a recession is among us.  With this being said, triple digit losses in the Dow, (which has become common for some reason) is unacceptable.  Whatever you do, do not take these shortcomings as the end of the American market.  Invest!  But invest carefully.

To view Ben Stein’s interview check out:


Tough Tuesday

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Plummet stocks

Rough start for stocks on Tuesday to say the least. The Dow Jones takes a big drop of over 400 points to begin the day. It’s sad but the now -138 point that the Dow has at the movement is an improvement. Beginning the year around the low 13,000s, the Dow Jones is now at a dismal 11,000. Recession fears are climbing to say the least. The big news of the day seems to be the Fed’s 3/4 or .75 interest rate cut. This drops interests rates from 4.25 to 3.5%, affecting how much consumers pay on credit card debts. But most feel that this cut is extremely too late. With the biggest interest rate cut in 24 years, only time will tell how the economy will react.

Chinese Banks Caught for Misconduct

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China Flag

In Beijing, Chinese companies involved with the banking industry have reportedly been caught for misconducts totaling around 860 billion yuan (yen). So exactly how much is that in American dollars. It’s not quite as much, but 118 billion is still a large filing for misconducts. Amazingly the 445 misconducts are actually down from last year or 2006. I guess any type of improvement is still good improvement. See, and who says auditing crisis’s are an American problem!