The 2008 Word of the Year is…

no money

Recession!? Well, maybe it’s still a little too early to know exactly what the American Dialect Society will name as its Word of the Year, but I can still guess? Last year, the ADS Word of the Year was subprime. Now you might not know exactly what the word subprime means, but you do know what it deals with. Subprime = Housing Market! Housing Market = Economy! Recession deals with two consecutive losing quarters of Real GDP. Real GDP deals with products a nation manufactures. This includes products ranging from cars (uh oh), to computers (rough start for 2008), to military tanks (ok, we got one). The word Recession impacts the American nation so much that major companies like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs will sell off material profits at ridiculous amounts upon its utterance. According to the market, the Dow began the year at around 13,000 and has since hit record lows, flaking off at around 12,460 to date. (Watch your step next time your outside. If you’re not carefully you might step on our economy.) Include this information with recent surveys highlighting the fact that 60% of Americans don’t feel the economy is being addressed enough and you have a recipe for a word of the year. Recession!


~ by isaacswallstreet on January 18, 2008.

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