Ben Stein on Recession

 Ben Stein

To say that I am a Ben Stein supporter would be a lie.  When watching Mr. Stein debate with other experts in his field about interest rate cuts and economic growth, I found his arguments arrogant and lacking sufficient substance.  Yet, his views on recession are, I feel, extremely correct.  Recession fears are ridiculous and simply not factually.  The overreacting of the market is absurd.  It is as if traders have become children and are shooting out “The bogeyman is coming!”  I agree with Stein that we will not know if we are indeed in a recession until further down the road.  Perhaps a little sooner than June or July as he predicted, but nonetheless, we will not wake up tomorrow 100% certain that a recession is among us.  With this being said, triple digit losses in the Dow, (which has become common for some reason) is unacceptable.  Whatever you do, do not take these shortcomings as the end of the American market.  Invest!  But invest carefully.

To view Ben Stein’s interview check out:


~ by isaacswallstreet on January 23, 2008.

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