It’s about time!

For the first time in the 2008 year, the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P finished out the week higher than they did beginning the week.  The Dow led the big three starting it’s fourth week of the year at 11971 and ending at 12207.  Thanks to the wonderful Wednesday including a .75 fed cut, most stocks were able to bounce back from first quarter woes.  Unfortunately tech stocks are still taking major damages, Google (GOOG) of which is leading the pack.  Beginning the year at 680 and falling to 566, Google is in a major and unexplainable crisis.  I wouldn’t touch this stock with a ten foot pole right now.  Not until they show some type of positive long term gains.  Major companies like Bear Stearns (BSC) and McDonalds (MCD) are making giant strives for their stockholders right now.  After a a dismal start and unknown future, Bear Stearns has turned their company around for the time being, shooting up from a January 8th 71 to a January 25th 87.  McDonalds meanwhile ended the week with four straight positive gaining days, flashing signs of a more stable company for the time being.


~ by isaacswallstreet on January 27, 2008.

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