Ford’s Jaguar is worth how much?

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Land Rover

Ford’s (F) Jaguar and Land Rover units are reportedly worth more than what was originally thought. Talks of a 2 billion dollar fee from Tata Motors (TTM) has been increased due to the fact that Tata Motors will have to use Ford’s research facilities. The unknown amount has not put a damper on talks however, as the Tata Motors company has been willing to negotiate. Ford’s Jaguar unit has seen a steep decline in popularity over the past few years, losing out to other luxuries vehicles such as the BMW and the Ferrari.


Sprint’s Friday Fall

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Sprint Logo

Sprint (S) took a hard hit to end the week dropping to an unheard of 8.7 points and falling 24.81%. Good gracious, if that doesn’t hurt then I don’t know what does. Sprint usually fluctuates between 13 and 12 points making its giant nose dive today a big story. With the recent news that Sprint will cut 4000 jobs and close 125 stores competitors like Verizon are salivating. In percentage, Sprint will close 8% of its stores and cut 6.7% of its workforce.

The Death of a Nation

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Ok maybe not yet, but it’s becoming clear that the murdering of many markets is certainly taking place. With the Dow losing 300 points today, and almost reaching under 12,000, big businesses are being knocked down hard. Top companies like Google (GOOG) have seen ridiculous amounts of negative gains. Google near the end of last year was sitting high atop a 700 point standing, and now lays in ruins with a point standing barely over 600 (600.79 to be exact). It’s obvious that not even interest rate cuts can save the lackluster performance of major companies. With these big losses taken by big corporations, lesser known companies are sought out to pick up big gains for investors’ portfolios. Sadly even once adored ‘under the radar’ companies like Monsanto (MON) are caught in the drastic downward slope. The only advice many people can give is to weather the storm and look for stocks to rise later in the quarter.

The 2008 Word of the Year is…

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no money

Recession!? Well, maybe it’s still a little too early to know exactly what the American Dialect Society will name as its Word of the Year, but I can still guess? Last year, the ADS Word of the Year was subprime. Now you might not know exactly what the word subprime means, but you do know what it deals with. Subprime = Housing Market! Housing Market = Economy! Recession deals with two consecutive losing quarters of Real GDP. Real GDP deals with products a nation manufactures. This includes products ranging from cars (uh oh), to computers (rough start for 2008), to military tanks (ok, we got one). The word Recession impacts the American nation so much that major companies like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs will sell off material profits at ridiculous amounts upon its utterance. According to the market, the Dow began the year at around 13,000 and has since hit record lows, flaking off at around 12,460 to date. (Watch your step next time your outside. If you’re not carefully you might step on our economy.) Include this information with recent surveys highlighting the fact that 60% of Americans don’t feel the economy is being addressed enough and you have a recipe for a word of the year. Recession!

Hello world!

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